About us

The feel of discovering

There are places, journeys and stays that make up memories, dropped on the bottom of a digital memory, in the hasty and indistinct set of quick posts and pictures.
Then, there are the experience that become part of you.

Lovely Puglia works for this.
It does not just organize, but makes the visitor part of places, flavors, ways of being and doing, history and stories. With the complicity of a land that has always known how to welcome and immediately involve.

Lovely Puglia’s tourist offer is more a set of proposals to be lived, than a commercial catalogue. The horizon at which he looks is the total immersion, the pleasure of a soft and discreet embrace, the adhesion to a world that wants to reveal itself in all its attractions, even in the short time of an excursion.

With a range of services and high-quality products, directly guaranteed by the Lovely Puglia brand: information about accommodation, restaurants, transport, culture and spare time; guided tours and experience; typical handicraft products; food and wine delights.

Lovely Puglia gives to the visitor the freedom to be the protagonist. Because the feel of discovering is the greatest gift a person can receive.

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